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Make earth cool again

Drones that plant trees, big data to avoid a disaster or reduce the waste of resources, pocket-sized solar panels, enzymes that eat plastic,… without innovation we cannot combat climate change. 

This edition of #BBSC brings together and supports entrepreneurs leading the green transition and young people driving global climate action. Youth hold the solutions to ensure that the legacy of future generations is one of justice, equality and a healthy planet

The new generation of innovators

#BBSC is the largest gathering of young entrepreneurs in Southern Europe. We bring together in Bilbao people who think big, who see what is missing, who see opportunities and who are not afraid to change the world. 

The Campus has grown from a #BBSC18 with 300 people in Bilbao, to a community with thousands of young people in Southern Europe. Our mission remains the same: to support and create the next generation of innovators.

#BBSC Awards

We live in a time of crisis and uncertainty, a perfect time to innovate and create. Each year, we look for innovative ideas and projects from any industry that solve problems of global impact.

Get up to 10,000 euros in cash, mentors, office space for 1 year, and much more to get your project off the ground at the #BBSC Awards, the competition that rewards early stage startups the most!!

Tickets that protect the planet

Climate change is one of the main threats to the conservation of forest ecosystems worldwide. Each hectare of restored forest can sequester up to 200 tonnes of carbon dioxide over a 40-year period.

This year, at #BBSC, we are planting a tree with every virtual entry. For another year, your contribution, no matter how small, can go a long way.

Entradas que protegen a los héroes

Este año, desde #BBSC, hemos querido ayudar a los héroes de la pandemia. Y nos ha encantado haceros partícipes de esta ayuda porque no importa lo pequeño/a que seas, este año tu aportación ha sido muy grande.

Todo el dinero recaudado de las entradas de #BBSC20 se destinará a la compra y donación de 3.100 mascarillas y 110 pantallas faciales para la Cruz Roja.


¡Gracias por unirte a la causa!



At #BBSC we welcome people tackling the big challenges facing the world: our speakers cover topics ranging from deep tech, education or investment, to marketing, leadership and environmental sustainability.

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#BBSC brings together students and startup founders, investors, CEOs of corporations, public institutions and journalists. Participate in all networking activities such as workshops, speed-mentoring sessions or parties.

Gala BBSC 2019


The most important night of entrepreneurship. The #BBSC Gala is the #BBSC Awards ceremony, a very special night where you can meet the most innovative startups over dinner with spectacular views at the Iberdrola Tower.

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