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Now more than ever, we bring together those who think big.

Our mission: to support and create the new generation of innovators. We live in uncertain times, but one thing remains: the power of people when they come together.

Each year, #BBSC focuses on a cause to raise awareness of issues of global impact. #BBSC20 is Open Innovation Edition! We encourage collaborative innovation to face the future together.


Organized by Startup Campus and the University of the Basque Country.

Open Innovation

How we innovate is almost as important as what we innovate in. Open Innovation allows all organizations to be connected to the latest market developments.

Large companies have already begun to collaborate more and more with startups to generate, select and develop innovative projects, as well as to be more agile and efficient.

Come to #BBSC20 and meet them all!

#BBSC Awards

We are living in a moment of crisis and uncertainty, a perfect time to innovate and create. We are looking for innovative ideas and projects from any industry to combat the effects of global disasters (pandemics, natural disasters, economic crises…).

Get up to 10.000€ in cash, mentoring, office space for 1 year, and much more to get your project off the ground!

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At #BBSC we welcome people who tackle the great challenges facing the world: our speakers cover topics ranging from deep tech, education or investment, to marketing, leadership and environmental sustainability.

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#BBSC gathers from students and founders of startups, to investors, CEO’s of corporations, public institutions or journalists. Participate in all networking activities such as workshops, speed-mentoring sessions or parties.

Gala BBSC 2019


The most important night of the ecosystem. The #BBSC Gala is the ceremony for the #BBSC Awards, a very special night where you can meet the most innovative startups having dinner with spectacular views at the Iberdrola Tower.

Speakers who have been at #BBSC

Speakers who have been at #BBSC

We are looking for volunteers!

Volunteering is a great way to participate in #BBSC. In addition to gaining valuable experience working at a large event, you will have access to all the talks, the Gala and you will be able to make many contacts and connections with speakers and assistants.

Besides, if you’re a student at the UPV/EHU, you get one credit. Be part of the innovation with #BBSC!

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